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How Our Teen Challenge Sanford Rehab is Different

For nearly 60 years, Teen Challenge has provided effective, long-term substance abuse treatment for adults. We are the world’s largest and continuously operating network of addiction treatment centers, with over 200 facilities in the U.S. and more than 1,000 worldwide.

Orlando Men’s Rehab, a part of Teen Challenge, offers an affordable year-long residential drug rehab program for men aged 18 and older in central Florida. Our Teen Challenge Sanford program includes peer support, group and individual counseling, parenting classes, spiritual guidance, relapse prevention, anger management, substance education, recreational activities, and vocational rehabilitation.

Our Christian rehab center provides a safe, clean environment for addiction treatment, and our experienced staff, many of whom have undergone similar recovery journeys, offer compassionate care. We require individuals seeking help to commit to our year-long recovery and life skills training program.

Our goal is long-term addiction recovery and lifetime avoidance of addictive substances once individuals leave our program. Addiction often begins as a way to cope with internal issues, such as a need for love, forgiveness, belonging, acceptance, spiritual fulfillment, or a sense of purpose. Drugs or alcohol provide temporary relief but can lead to dependency, making quitting difficult and sometimes causing painful withdrawal symptoms.

Once addiction takes hold, individuals may struggle to stop using independently, often resorting to criminal activities to sustain their habit. Over time, the need for larger quantities or more frequent use can lead to overdoses or severe health problems.

Without a new mindset and life focus to fill the void, the addict will repeatedly return to their addiction, ravaging their relationships, trustworthiness, career, finances, and physical and mental health. The addiction will utterly destroy them.

Our men’s rehab program follows a structured process to address addiction’s complexities, and this process cannot be rushed. Understanding these steps sheds light on why achieving lasting results takes up to a year. Conventional, high-cost, short-term rehab programs often promise quick fixes but frequently fall short, as they do not address the root issues.

Teen Challenge Sanford
Have you ever wondered why the rehab industry typically leans toward short-term solutions? Firstly, it’s more convenient for addicts, employers, and families to believe in swift solutions. Secondly, many insurance programs limit their support to the initial 90 days. Consequently, expensive rehabs often prioritize a revolving door of clients, causing disruptions in individuals’ lives and their loved ones. Addicts repeatedly return to short-term facilities until their financial resources are exhausted, returning to their addictive habits and creating ongoing turmoil.

In contrast, Teen Challenge adult addiction treatment centers operate as nonprofits, offering affordable fees. Our primary focus is on achieving lasting recovery, regardless of the time it takes. We aim to minimize the financial burden on individuals and families, relying mainly on community donations for funding. This approach allows us the necessary time to work with each addict, facilitating a successful transformation. This commitment explains why Teen Challenge adult drug rehab programs have a strong track record of success.

Why Addiction Recovery Can Take A Full Year

Detox is the first step in recovery, helping individuals break free from addiction by eliminating harmful substances. Depending on the substance involved, detox can last for weeks or months, with daily monitoring and testing to ensure safety. It’s a tough process with withdrawal symptoms.

But real change doesn’t happen quickly. It’s a gradual journey that unfolds over months in an environment where negative behaviors are challenged, and individuals learn from their mistakes. Time, along with guidance from our staff and spiritual renewal, helps people develop new ways of thinking and acting naturally.

Teen Challenge Sanford

At Orlando Men’s Rehab, part of Teen Challenge in central Florida, we focus on rebuilding individuals from the inside out. Participants take responsibility for their mistakes, find solutions, and avoid repeating them. Our staff and peers with more experience in the program mentor and support newcomers, fostering growth and a sense of community.

Deliverance = Reliance on a Higher Power

Addicts face repeated setbacks and feelings of inadequacy, making them realize they can’t beat addiction alone. That’s why our Christian rehab program for men highlights the need to rely on a “higher power.” We strongly believe in the life-changing impact of a personal connection with Jesus Christ. We know we can’t change our hearts by ourselves; we must ask our Maker for help. With Christ and the Holy Spirit as constant companions, addicts find peace, fulfillment, purpose, kindness, truthfulness, and a desire to stay clean and do what’s right.

At first, addicts often feel unworthy and burdened by the hurt they’ve caused. However, a new sense of hope emerges when they realize that Jesus Christ accepts them as they are and forgives them completely. They regain a sense of worth and the strength to seek forgiveness from others, knowing that the Creator of the Universe has already forgiven them. This sparks a deep desire to make amends and serve others, a crucial step forward. Surprisingly, those around them often notice the positive change and are willing to forgive, bringing tremendous relief and healing.

Reintroducing Truth To the Addict’s Life

Among all addicts, a common trait is their adeptness at deception, a skill honed in interactions with friends, employers, family, and even themselves. Furthermore, they tend to deflect blame, evading responsibility for their actions. The introduction of Christ into their lives signifies the reintroduction of truth, a concept that had often been obscured. Many of our Christian counselors are former addicts, enabling them to discern the falsehoods woven by residents. Moving forward, the emphasis squarely rests on embracing truth and transparency, often imparted with a blend of tough love and unwavering acceptance, understanding, and care. Over time, addicts and alcoholics realize that the only way to live truly is to shed the constant layer of deception and approach life with truth, guided by the help of Christ.

Change Doesn’t Sink in Unless it is Lived.

After several months in the Teen Challenge Sanford program, residents have achieved sobriety, renewed their connection with God, and begun to address their tendency to deceive themselves and others. However, they still need a clear path forward to avoid returning to their old habits. So, our program shifts its focus to introduce positive changes in their lives, like helping others, showing kindness, finding meaningful work, and instilling a strong work ethic.

Teen Challenge Sanford

While they’ve made significant progress, some of their lives still need attention—their future and sense of purpose. This phase requires several more months of hard work. We aim to build their confidence, teach them how to handle challenges, and help them find a fulfilling and meaningful job. They gradually transition from our safe, drug-free environment and start giving back to the community, which humbles them and gives them a sense of purpose, no matter how small the tasks seem. Initially, they work together in groups, supporting each other and ensuring they stay clean. Over time, they focus on finding a job they can pursue after finishing the program, especially if they didn’t have one before. Orlando Men’s Rehab is there to assist them in this new journey.

How Do We Charge So Little?

Teen Challenge adult rehabs receive strong support from the community and only charge a small portion of the overall cost in tuition fees. With nearly 60 years of successful transformation stories, the community stands firmly behind us. We have a proven track record of turning individuals once trapped by addiction into thriving, productive, and caring members of society. As a result, the community is deeply grateful for our work.

According to a Teen Challenge Outcomes Study conducted by The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA):

  • One year after completing the program, 92% of Teen Challenge graduates reported enjoying good to excellent health.
  • An impressive 86% of Teen Challenge graduates reported that they remained drug-free.
  • A significant 72% of Teen Challenge graduates pursued further education upon program completion.
  • Furthermore, 75% of Teen Challenge graduates secured employment one year later, with an impressive 73% achieving full self-sufficiency.

Compare these numbers with statistics of most other short-term rehabs, which are typically in the single digits!

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    Legal Trouble?

    Our central Florida rehab center accepts individuals who have been in trouble with the law or are in jail. Courts have allowed addicts time here instead of prison because they know how effectively our program can change hearts and lives completely.

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    Personal Growth

    Our rehab helps the addict sprout new leaves and grow a new life, free of addiction and the pain that led them to their addiction. We are all about planting the seeds of new life and helping the individual grow into a new creature in Christ.

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    Vocationally Focused

    Our program teaches humility, care, trustworthiness, and the traits of a good worker. We help the former addict find a new vocation and rebuild their future. Having a strong plan keeps the individual excited about life and self-supporting.


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