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About Orlando’s Men’s Christian Rehab Program

At Orlando Men’s Rehab, Recovering Addicts Receive Life-Changing Training, Mentoring, and Fellowship

Orlando Men’s Rehab Center, an adult ministry of Teen Challenge, in Sanford, FL, offers men ages 18 and older, a safe place to recover and heal from drug and alcohol abuse. This proven and highly effective Christian drug rehab centers for men in Orlando treats the whole person, providing spiritual, emotional, physical, social, and educational training and support. Their Christian rehab programs for men in Orlando also address other life-controlling issues like gambling addiction, porn addiction, and many other mental health problems.

Every element of this outstanding Orlando Christian addiction treatment program for men is designed to introduce residents to a new way of life. Of course, this takes time and separation from their previous life. The root causes of substance abuse are revealed and worked on with time-tested recovery tools, validated by Teen Challenge’s 60+ years as a ministry to struggling teens and adults. 

This low-cost, year-long Christian addiction treatment for men in Orlando gives recovering men: 

  • peer-to-peer, group and individual mentoring and guidance 
  • spiritual inspiration
  • drug and alcohol education
  • relapse prevention
  • coping skills
  • anger management
  • parenting classes
  • hands-on vocational training at our Woodshop, Wash/Detail site, and Super Thrift store. 

Recovering Men Can Find New Purpose and Hope 

Mentorship and fellowship are the essential building blocks of recovery at the Orlando Men’s Rehab center. Residents commit to a year-long process of recovery and healing that includes mentoring, personal and group studies, and drug prevention classes.  

At this Christian addiction treatment for men near Orlando, struggling men receive a new spiritual foundation on which to rebuild their lives — plus guidance, boundaries, and motivation to remain clean and sober. 

Each resident benefits from the mentorship of staff members who took similar paths before them and learned how to thrive in their walk with Jesus Christ. Men soon realize that their new purpose and way of living have no place for abusing drugs or alcohol. Instead, this addiction rehab for men in Orlando encourages them to replace addiction with self-love, peace, happiness, purpose, forgiveness, and excitement for the future.

And here’s what men can experience when they enter Orlando Men’s Rehab…


During the Induction Phase of the Orlando Men’s Rehab program, residents participate in Group Studies for New Life in Christ, 14 studies that teach Biblical principles and practical applications for daily life as a Christian. Men attend group study sessions, complete assigned homework, discuss how the lessons relate to personal experience, and offer the hope and healing they truly need in recovery. These Bible-based lessons help men form a solid foundation for a new life in Christ and a purpose for their future. 

The Group Studies for New Life in Christ include: 

1)How Can I Know That I’m A Christian?

 2)   A Quick Look at the Bible. 

 3)   Attitudes. 

 4)   Temptation. 

 5)   Successful Christian Living. 

 6)   Growing Through Failure. 

 7)   Christian Practices. 

 8)   Obedience to God. 

 9)   Obedience to Man. 

10) Anger and Personal Rights. 

11)  How to Study the Bible. 

12)   Love and Accepting Myself. 

13)   Personal Relationships with Others. 

14)   Spirit Empowered. 

Stay Sharp Drug Prevention Helps Men Change for Good 

Residents at our Christian addiction recovery for men in Orlando also attend Stay Sharp Drug Prevention classes, led by Pastor Jason Smock. Each session emphasizes seeing and changing destructive thoughts and beliefs. Men come to understand the basic needs they tried to satisfy through drug or alcohol use. These sessions with experienced Christian counselors at our Orlando addiction treatment center for men address stress management, self-control, emotions, and many more life-giving topics. 

Men in the Stay Sharp classes learn practical tools that prepare them to rebuild their lives by opening their hearts to God to heal the hurt. Stay Sharp is a hard-hitting, high-energy drug prevention course designed to educate men on drug and alcohol abuse and the consequences of their choices. Videos address the facts, lies, and costs of addiction, and share real-life stories of others who understand what they are going through at our Christian rehabs for men in Orlando. 

In Stage 1 of Stay Sharp (months 1-4) men learn about the destructive use of drugs, like fentanyl, meth, or alcohol abuse. In Stage 2 (months 5-10) they learn about receiving forgiveness, avoiding relapse, managing finances, and facing challenging crossroads ahead. 

Please note that Orlando Men’s Rehab graduates who fall back into drug or alcohol abuse after leaving our program can participate in a 6-month Restoration Phase. This helps them find out what they missed the first time through.  Returning addicts read God Loves Do-Overs: You Can Have a Fresh Start in Life by Dan & Cathy Erikson and a transitions book study. 

TRAINING PHASE (months 5-9) 

Orlando Teen Challenge for men residents participate in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual work that it takes to heal the wounds of past failures, broken relationships, spiritual deceptions. Over time, men deal with issues of their own identity that are often at the root of drug and alcohol addiction. 

Recovering men delve into Personal Studies for New Life in Christ that help them develop a deeper relationship with Jesus. While these courses are designed with new believers in mind, they also refresh those who are more mature in their faith. Teen Challenge developed these studies for teens and adults to create opportunities for teachers and mentors to come alongside recovering men and help customize their personal learning contracts. 

Once a month at our Orlando Teen Challenge for Adult Men, each resident receives a 30-day personal contract that focuses on his exploration of character qualities, i.e., endurance, caution, patience. While completing the 12 contracts over the year, he also memorizes character-related scripture verses and completes worksheets with daily questions and answers for his mentor. 

As men work through each monthly contract, they also read and report on assigned books that help them grow emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Books may include The Cross & the Switchblade by David Wilkerson; Relapse: Biblical Prevention Strategies; Intimacy with Purpose (for Men) on marriage, relationships; Emotionally Healthy Spirituality; 70 x 7: Finding Peace by Forgiving Others…and Yourself by Bruce Wilkinson; Crossroads: A Step-by-Step Guide Away from Addiction by Edward T. Welch, Navigating Your Finances God’s Way, and more! 

Trained to Work, Side by Side 

Men at Orlando Men’s Rehab, part of Teen Challenge, work each day in the woodworking shop, vehicle wash & detail site, thrift store, and at community service projects. 

As men develop new work skills, each resident can use and expand his abilities, whether it is in hands-on work or relationship/sales experience. And as volunteer mentors offer training in jobs like mechanics, carpentry, or painting, residents gain new confidence for acquiring good-paying jobs in the future.  

TRANSITION PHASE (months 10-12) 

In this phase, men learn more about purpose in life and how to enter the future, free from the oppression of old wounds while identifying, practicing, and improving their unique gifts and talents.

Resident men at Orlando Men’s Rehab continue to read and study personal and group topics they began in the previous Training Phase (months 5-9). And as God shows them that He has a bigger plan for their lives, men practice evangelism outreach with individuals in downtown Orlando. Under the supervision of interns and staff, residents reach out to the homeless around Lake Eola, offer them food, and interact with them about Jesus, God’s Word, and the Christian addiction treatment for men near Orlando. 

Residents also visit area churches to share their testimonies, sing as a choir, or act in informative skits. These welcoming local churches offer residents a chance to practice and improve public speaking and share their musical abilities. The worship team on-campus, too, gives residents a chance to share their talents with the community, to the honor and glory of God. 

Now, male residents begin putting into practice what they have learned by securing employment and housing, performing good management of their time and resources, and learning how to become leaders who give back to the families and communities they will soon re-enter. Three months prior to graduation, each man develops an exit plan, which the Program Manager and Director review and approve. 

The Re-Entry/Aftercare Program offers graduates a place to live on-campus if they are not going back home to live with a wife or family. Graduates can also enter the 12-month internship program when they feel called to serve God and mentor other men going through the Orlando Men’s Rehab and Christian counseling program. Individual graduates who find work in the Orlando area may live on-campus for up to six months until they can financially support a new life at their own residence. 

Helping Addicts Embrace God’s Love and a New Life

“God’s love has the power to reach and transform every addict, offering them instead of a life of truth, peace, and purpose. Our goal is to clear the addict’s mind and provide the right motivations, environment, training, and mentorship to support this transformation” says Jeremy Kupsch, Orlando Men’s Rehab Executive Director. 

 Beginning in the morning with personal prayer and devotions, men learn to walk with Christ throughout the day. They attend Bible studies, chapel services, church services, and look to God for help in every moment of their day-to-day lives. 

Over time, men come to lean on Christ as their higher power rather than substances or addictive behaviors. They learn to place their faith in God rather than themselves. 

And it all begins at Orlando Men’s Rehab, an adult ministry of Teen Challenge, where we know that any addiction can be overcome by the power of God. Give us a call now to learn more about how we can help you or a loved one who suffers from a life-controlling addiction. (866) 563-0497. And check out Christian rehabs for men in Orlando on our website at: https://centralfloridamensrehab.com 


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