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What’s NEW in 2022 at Orlando Men’s Rehab Center

“We have recently built a brand new facility where families feel good dropping off their loved ones and the men in the program can feel proud of the place they are building their new life.” – Jeremy Kupsch

Below are the new dorms with live-in staff housing. This is unique to our campus and we believe it deepens the experience our 42 residence have because of the continual accountability and relationship in-house staff offers. These new dorms allow us to house 20 more beds and with more beds, that means more classrooms are needed! We’ve also expanded our classroom space which you can view below.

“We take pride in where you live because we believe the living space impacts the recover process.” – Jeremy Kupsch

2021 Graduation & Alumni Testimonials

“The greatest miracle one can witness is a changed life. This is something my team and I get to experience daily.” – Jeremy Kupsch

Our graduation ceremonies are very significant for not only residence, but also their family and our staff. We celebrate immensely when it comes to a resident completing our program.

Read about some of our residence and their testimony from Orlando Men’s campus.

Ryan Loucks

My name is Ryan Loucks, I’m 20 years old and am a senior student here at Orlando Teen Challenge. In this program Christ has set me free from a destructive lifestyle of addiction and I’m learning how to walk in my identity as a child of God. I’m happier than ever and I’m never going back! Thank you Orlando Teen Challenge! 

Brian Buchanan

My name is Brian Buchanan and I am 43 years old. Since coming to Teen Challenge I have made Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior and he’s  completely set me free from years of alcoholism. I am currently in re-entry, getting ready to move back home to be the father he has called me to be to my 3 year old son, Lincoln. Thank you Jesus and Orlando Teen Challenge for giving me my life back!

Our Staff is Family

Each of our staff members has their own story of why they’re involved in Teen Challenge, but we know one commonality between us is the longevity we’ve cultivated among us on campus. Our long-time, committed staff makes our campus a family.

“Teen Challenge Orlando is a place of restoration. We are seeing broken families come together through the power of Jesus Christ. Mother’s are getting their son’s back, wives are getting their husband’s back, and children are getting their father’s back.” – Jeremy Kupsc

See our staff

Our Super Thrift Store is REOPENING

We’re glad to reopen to the community after a season of social distancing. Teen Challenge offers micro enterprise environments for residences to gain skills and learn work ethic, and for the community to learn about and benefit from Teen Challenge campuses. At Orlando Men’s Campus, we’re very involved in Super Thrift, a thrift store by teen challenge where are residence serve.

Here are our residence in action even during our nations national pandemic!


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