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Recovering Men Benefit from Fellowship in Groups at Orlando Men’s Rehab

At Orlando Men’s Rehab Center, men of all ages and backgrounds find freedom from addiction and other life-controlling issues. They also learn how to restore relationships with family and friends at this Christian addiction recovery for men in Orlando.

Our effective program gives men a chance to start over, become a new person, live a godly life, and find freedom through a restored purpose and genuine hope for a better life.

Orlando Men’s Rehab Center is a low-cost drug and alcohol addiction recovery program for men ages 18 and older. Our experienced team leaders and support staff work together to help men heal past hurts, overcome present issues, and prepare for successful futures. We are the adult part of Teen Challenge, with 60 years of experience helping teens and adults overcome life-controlling issues.

During the Christian addiction treatment for men in Orlando, our program’s greatest asset is time and fostering spiritual renewal. This year-long residential program provides peer-to-peer, group, and individual counsel, spiritual inspiration, relapse prevention, anger management, drug and alcohol education, and vocational opportunities at our Wood Shop, Vehicle Wash & Detail site, and SuperThrift store.

Group mentorship and fellowship form the basic building blocks of recovery at Teen Challenge’s Orlando Men’s Rehab Center in Sanford near Orlando. Resident men attend group Bible studies, on-site chapel services, and local church services. Through each group experience, men learn that God loves them, and they can receive forgiveness and healing from their past. Men also learn to accept accountability and responsibility for their thoughts and actions and begin to practice new habits for a new life. These recovering men learn to rely on God for strength as they take steps toward total transformation from the inside out. Over time, men come to lean on Christ as their higher power rather than substances or addictive behaviors. They learn to place their faith in God rather than themselves.

Most of the Orlando staff and mentors experienced addiction, so they understand how addicts and alcoholics think and act. At Orlando Men’s Rehab Center, recovering men learn together, work side by side, and accept and practice accountability as they interact with one another. Men seeking freedom from substance abuse addictions find hope on our newly designed and built campus.

Each resident also benefits from learning together through men’s study, work, and outreach group experiences at Orlando Men’s Rehab Center.

Benefits of Men’s Study Groups

Orlando Men’s Rehab base the curriculum and community of our addiction recovery center on God’s Word—the Bible. Biblical studies enhance mental growth, help heal emotions and serve as a foundation for creating new lives. Orlando Men’s Rehab Christian addiction treatment in Orlando offers adult men practical, appropriate, and accessible Bible-based courses that facilitate the transition from alcoholism and substance abuse to a life of freedom in Christ. A strong relationship with the Lord is foundational to our program. We construct this foundation in our men by teaching them the Word of God and placing them in an environment where they can bond with other growing disciples. Relationships form and support the foundation of recovery — the most important is a relationship with God.

All addicted men participate in group Bible studies at our Christian addiction recovery in Orlando.

Developed by Teen Challenge USA, Group Studies for New Life in Christ (GSNL) discipleship tools fit small group environments well. These 14 studies teach men Biblical principles, character, values, and practical applications for their daily lives. While these courses are designed with new believers in mind, they are an excellent refresher for those who are more mature in their Christian faith.

Residents in our Induction Phase (months 1-4) must complete all these Group studies, as well as the Personal Studies (PSNL) course before they can move on to the Training Phase (months 5-9) in our Christian addiction programs for men in Orlando.

Educationally, the Orlando Men’s Rehab Center uses a life training curriculum specifically designed to develop the skills required for men to become successful members of society. Comprehensive education includes subjects ranging from the related health aspects of chemical dependency, boundary setting, anger management, coping skills, relapse prevention, and cognitive-behavioral tools. This helps build a strong foundation in Christian addiction recovery for men in Orlando.

Benefits of Men’s Work Groups

Men at Orlando Men’s Rehab Center also work daily in our woodshop, vehicle wash & detail site, thrift store, and community service projects. The hands-on vocational training helps men discover their God-given gifts and skills and connects them with mentors and future employment opportunities after graduating from our Orlando Christian addiction treatment center.

Men practice a challenging work ethic and take pride in their work, whether the task is creating and selling wood signage, washing cars, or cleaning out vehicle interiors. At our Super Thrift store, men can gain experience in sales and relationship skills while serving customers, restocking shelves, and assisting donors who drop off items for resale in the store.

This valuable service and work for the community teaches men humility and supports finding purpose in life, as they produce something each day, no matter how menial. Their work is initially done in groups, with each man watching out for the other, testing their resolve to stay clean and hold each other accountable at our Orlando Christian addiction programs for men.

Benefits of Men’s Outreach/Evangelism Groups

Orlando Men’s Rehab Center Director Jeremiah Kupsch says, “God’s love has the power to reach and transform every addict, offering them a life of truth, peace, and purpose. Our goal is to clear the addict’s mind and provide the right motivations, environment, training, and mentorship to support this transformation.”

As God shows them that He has a bigger plan for their lives, men practice evangelism outreach in downtown Orlando under the supervision of interns and staff. Men serve food to those in need and share personal testimonies with others who may know a loved one or friend caught up in addictions.

Men with music skills can form worship bands and vocal choirs that visit local churches. And men also practice and improve public speaking skills at community gatherings as they share personal accounts of their life transformation. Area churches often welcome visits from our outreach groups. Many churches also sponsor events to help spread God’s Word and support these recovering men at our Orlando residential rehab center.

Many of our past and current residents first learned about our dedicated Adult and Teen Challenge program through these church visits and events. Family and friends of loved ones who suffer from destructive addictions witness the remarkable change in men’s lives when our residents speak and sing at local churches. And many local Christians offer job opportunities to graduates of our Christian rehabs near me for men in the Orlando program.

Give us a call now to learn more about how we can help you or a loved one who suffers from a life-controlling addiction. (866) 563-0497. And check out our men’s program and clean, safe facilities on our website at https://centralfloridamensrehab.com

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