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Central Florida Men’s Christian Rehab and Recovery Center

If you or a loved one are ready to take a step towards addiction recovery and rehabilitation from drug or alcohol addiction, please take these steps…

Begin The Addiction Recovery Program Intake Process

Get in touch with one of our intake specialists to begin the process or get more information. We are here to help.

Intake varies from 24 hours to 2 weeks depending on time needed to very documents or if detox is needed. In processing an application, we consider:

  • Willingness of the applicant to participate in the program/interest in changing
  • Mental health/medications
  • Medical condition/medications
  • Legal status, past and present
  • Outstanding warrants
  • Funding eligibility
  • Level of care required
  • Location or residency

Please note that we are a voluntary program and not a lock-down facility. The client needs to want to be here. They need to admit to us that they have an addiction problem and want help.


Although we cannot give advice on what to say to every addict, since every individual is different, but we do recommend that you speak the truth with love, care and concern and NOT in condemnation or criticism. Please be aware that we do not do interventions. We can refer 3rd party interventionists to you, so please call us if you need that help. If your loved one is suicidal or mentally unstable, please take the situation seriously and contact your local hospital as a first step, or call 911. Do not wait!


Intake Step One

A Willingness and Desire to Get Help!

The applicant must be willing to invest the needed time (usually a year) and effort into their life to finally get freedom from addiction.  We must hear willingness from the applicant to get help, and that cannot come from friends or relatives.  Remember, much of the cost of the applicant’s one year stay at one of our centers is covered by donations from the community and we have limited beds, so we need to make sure every applicant is prepared for the challenge. 

Step Two

Call or fill in the inquiry form to begin the process.  If it appears that the program may be a good fit for the individual, we will direct you to our Application to download and fill in.  

Step Three

Send in the Application.  Once the Application is received, our Intake Counselors will connect with the Applicant to make further arrangements, including financial commitments and attending a medical detox, if needed.  Please note that will not make repeated attempts to reach the Applicant.  In most cases we will leave it to the Applicant to connect with us at a specific day and time or to visit the center.  Should they fail to do that, the application may be denied.  Follow-thru is all seen as part of the Applicant’s willingness and desire to attend the recovery program.

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